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Most online property appraisals are automatically generated from past sales
data for your area and so are generally around 3 months out of date.

But if you are thinking of selling, that is just not good enough. 


How Do You Get A Current Property Price Report?

Our Property Price Reports are put together by a selected property expert in your area.  Someone who knows your suburb and your street and who knows current buyer and seller sentiment in the area as well as having access to the latest sales and listings data.

If you want to know what you could sell your house for today, you can request a free Property Price Report by clicking below.

In order to provide the most accurate property price report possible we need to ask a few questions because we need to know:

  1. Where the property is
  2. what type of property it is
  3. who to send the report too.

This is a very quick, 3 step questionnaire so just click below to get started.

Real Estate News

This week’s Australian Property Market Update – Latest Data, State by State 19th April

House prices have continued to rise and as we hit the middle of the month we’re well on track for double-digit growth this year with some markets likely to achieve this much sooner than the end of the year. And while our auction clearance rates remain strong and ositive market momentum was not stifled at all...



A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats… BUT

Do you understand the best way to invest in a rising property market? As it currently stands, our capital and regional cities are primed for growth over the next year or two. There is no doubt most property markets and properties will do well over this period. But what happens when the cycle moves on?...



Who gets the house when you break up?

Relationships are much more complicated these days, aren’t they? It’s common for couples to purchase a property before they have walked down the aisle or even lived together, which raises the question of who gets the house if they break-up? It’s surprising more couples don’t give this a second thought. They assume they’ll be together...



6 times you can snag a property before auction

With all the mixed messages in the media about the economy and our property markets, some vendors are getting nervous. So what does this mean for buyers? Well, it means that it’s now possible to buy good properties before they even make it to auction day — and the ball is in your court when it...



Why investing because of infrastructure spending is a bad idea

Plenty of investors make the mistake of buying into the hype that is government infrastructure spending. They incorrectly assume that better roads, schools and facilities will boost the value of their property and help them achieve financial security. However, as I outline in this article, this can be a costly error – and it’s one...



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