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Did You Know?

Most online property appraisals are automatically generated from past sales
data for your area and so are generally around 3 months out of date.

But if you are thinking of selling, that is just not good enough. 


How Do You Get A Current Property Price Report?

Our Property Price Reports are put together by a selected property expert in your area.  Someone who knows your suburb and your street and who knows current buyer and seller sentiment in the area as well as having access to the latest sales and listings data.

If you want to know what you could sell your house for today, you can request a free Property Price Report by clicking below.

In order to provide the most accurate property price report possible we need to ask a few questions because we need to know:

  1. Where the property is
  2. what type of property it is
  3. who to send the report too.

This is a very quick, 3 step questionnaire so just click below to get started.

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