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Most online property appraisals are automatically generated from past sales
data for your area and so are generally around 3 months out of date.

But if you are thinking of selling, that is just not good enough. 


How Do You Get A Current Property Price Report?

Our Property Price Reports are put together by a selected property expert in your area.  Someone who knows your suburb and your street and who knows current buyer and seller sentiment in the area as well as having access to the latest sales and listings data.

If you want to know what you could sell your house for today, you can request a free Property Price Report by clicking below.

In order to provide the most accurate property price report possible we need to ask a few questions because we need to know:

  1. Where the property is
  2. what type of property it is
  3. who to send the report too.

This is a very quick, 3 step questionnaire so just click below to get started.

Real Estate News

Beware: Negative gearing is still in jeopardy

One of the Australian Labor Party’s (ALP) big election promises in the 2019 federal election was to abolish negative gearing. It would be logical to think that the ALP’s shock election loss in 2019 will serve as a warning for policymakers. That is, banning negative gearing is an unpopular policy. However, I would caution investors...



Why it’s important to understand the difference between Physical Growth & Capital Growth

Do you understand the difference between physical growth and capital growth? Not to worry if you don’t, because I’ll explain. You see… physical growth will often be masked as capital growth. On the surface, there is no way of telling the difference. However, by digging deeper and having a greater level of awareness and perspective,...



Rich Suburbs, Poor Suburbs. Where would you invest?

Our segregated cities keep rich and poor as far apart as possible according to demographer Bernard Salt. Writing in The Australian a number of years ago, Salt examined the richest and the poorest suburbs in Australia and concluded the poor are being flung to the city’s edges and the bigger the city, the farther the...



Brisbane Housing Market Update [video] | June 2021

Brisbane’s home values were up another 2% in May, taking the market 6.2% higher over the quarter and 10.6% higher over the past year.  The lift in values has been supported by a solid rise in demand, with our latest estimate of home sales tracking approximately 41% higher than the five-year average in...



The great debate: Is it fair wear and tear or damage?

What is the difference between ‘wear and tear’ and ‘damage’? It’s a conundrum faced by many landlords, agents, and tenants, but why is it so confusing? Well, it is because there’s a very fine line been the different types of damage. Let us break it down for you… What is wear and tear? Normal wear...



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